2022 HO Tube Striker 3 incl Pump + Rope

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HO is proud to introduce the newly designed Striker 3 towable. Grab two of your friends and sit down in the ergonomic, lounge style seats. The Striker's circular baffle design has a thinner profile allowing for an easy and fast glide across the water. Made from only the finest quality materials, the Striker 3 will keep you where you want to be... on the water!

The high-profile armrests help keep riders separated and secure when the waters get rough. Each handle and seating area is padded with soft foam for ultimate comfort. New supportive, recessed, ergonomic rider cockpits with high back rests provide an extremely comfortable ride. In addition to these features, the Striker 3 has an extended deck so it is comfortable for adults and kids alike!


  • 3-person tube - supports 1, 2 or 3 riders
  • Unique design can be pulled either direction - seated or kneeling
  • New ergonomic cockpit style seating
  • Bolstered, individual seating compartments
  • Seating design allows ease of use for children and smaller riders
  • Comfort handles for support and strength
  • Drains allow water to escape the cover keeping the tube lightweight
  • Made from NanYa 100% Virgin PVC for unmatched durability
  • Quick-Connect tow rope attachment
  • 2 HO Boston valves for easy inflation and deflation
  • 12V electric inflator pump included (plugs into 12V automotive adaptor or clips to boat battery via alligator clips)
  • Non-stretch 50’ polyethylene row rope
  • Inflated Dimensions (LxWxH): 66"x77"x31.5"