2023 Hyperlite Wakeboard State 2.0 Size 145cm

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The Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard is crazy. Crazy fun and crazy easy to ride. If you learned on a traditional board, watching your newbie friend tear it up on the State 2.0 will make you a little jealous that they got to skip the learning curve and get straight to the fun part. The innovative asymmetrical shape of this board makes toe-side turn initiation super easy and intuitive, without sacrificing any of the power or stability you get from having a longer heel-side rail. Slap this board on and you'll go from novice to pro in no time flat.


  •  Beginner - Intermediate 
  • Fiberglass, foam
  • Standard Base
  • Mount Pattern: M6
  • 2 Fins


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