2019 Jet Ski Ultra 310X

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Like that of its predecessor, the deep-V hull design enables a high bank angle, motorcycle-like turning performance. This reduces the lateral G-loads imposed on riders during turns, allowing them to better concentrate on riding. The 22.5o V-angle at the bottom of the hull helps reduce unwanted spinouts during sharp turns. This all assists in delivering the neutral handling and turning characteristics for which Kawasaki Jet Skis are famous.

Electronic throttle valves manage high power output efficiently and enable numerous riding modes: Electronic Cruise Control, Fuel Economy Assistance Mode, One-touch 5mph Mode and Smart Learning Operation (SLO) Mode.

Smart Learning Operation (SLO)-Mode function allows newer riders to become familiar with the handling and response of this Jet Ski at a more relaxed pace before unleashing the full power of the supercharged engine. Two separate keys (one for SLO-mode, one for full-power operation) make it easy for operators to know which operating mode they are using.

Ridges across the bottom of the bow, Kawasaki Splash Deflectors deflect water splashing forward from under the hull. A fourth splash deflector mounted at the top reduces spray during high-speed turns. Whether turning or blasting straight ahead, at high speeds or low, the Quattro KSD minimises spray, allowing greater rider concentration.

Power 310 PS
Dry Weight 477kg
Seating 3 Person
Storage 212 Litres
Engine DOHC 16-Valve 1498cc
Fuel 78 Litres

For more information and full specifications on the Jet Ski Ultra 310X please refer here or contact us.

*The price listed excludes a trailer.